Have a problem with Netvibes ? Write it to GETSATISFACTION ! 4*/5

If you have a general problem with Netvibes you should:

1) use the Netvibes Feedback

2) write a Tweet to Netvibes_help: http://twitter.com/netvibes_help

3) write a post in your own Blog or use mine with a comment :)


4) write your problem to: GETSATISFACTION

GetSatisfaction is : " a place where people can get the most from the products they use, and where companies are encouraged to get real with their customers.

Ask a question, report a problem, share an idea, or join in conversations already in progress. The most useful replies rise to the top. We’ll notify you via email when people respond.

Customers, employees, and companies are all welcome here. Nothing is hidden, and no one is censored. Join the conversation!"

François, the very efficient Custumer Service Officer for Netvibes Help desk, is directly notified when you post your problem: if a solution is available it will be given to you. And if not, perhaps will have some explanations :)

UPDATE: I confirm : François is there and super fast !

You can follow the Topics for Netvibes at GetSatisfaction with a simple and clear Widget.
To get it click here:

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NetEx Rating: 4*/5

A good service that should be used by all serious Web2.0 start-ups as it shows all the problems occurring and the offered solutions.
It feels better when you notice that you are not the only one with the same problem or bug !

A similar service should be integrated in the Netvibes Blog.

More infos on GetSatisfaction: here

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