I want sync all my Social Statutes Updates at once from Netvibes, not the other way round

For those who would like to know how I manage to sync my updates for, say, Netvibes and Twitter here is the solution: copy/paste :)

I use with my pseudo NetEx, many web2.0 services as Netvibes, Twitter, FriendFeed, Facebook and also this blog. Whenever I want to update my status with the same message I have to go in each service and do it by hand. What I would prefer is to use my Netvibes page and by just posting there my message to see all other services updating with me moving around the web .

As I want to use Netvibes also as my Social Home Page and not just for Feed Reading, I expect as many others that Netvibes would come up with such a service.

Instead is going the other way round: I can update my Twitter status , post a short message on this blog and update my Facebook status directly from Facebook with BlogIt , an application from Six Apart.

I could add a other services as:

So, what is Netvibes waiting for?

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