Second Positive impression on the new Ginger update from Netvibes


This is the second part of my Ginger update testing.

I am testing this time the new Contacts option that is one of the most important improuvements of this Update as it is the begging of the social twist from Netvibes.

With the mouseover you can read on the Contacts' icon:
"subscribe to other's people universes and check out who is reading my stuff"

By clicking on it , your Netvibes page frees some space for:
Friends (and their Number)
Followers (and their number)
and a Find friends search

Friends are users with an Universe and that you have selected with "add friend" after having clicked on the user icon on the Upper right corner.
In the same way you can remove a friend.

Followers are people tha thave done the same with your Universe.

By clicking on the Friends and Followers icon of your Friends Universes you can visit other Universes and so on...

At the moment there is no limit to this, as there is no option to restrict the view of your Universe.

Find Friends is a search by email in GMAIL, Yahoo MAIL, Hotmail/MSN, Twitter, Flickr, AIM.
The Facebook icon is already there, but everyone is waiting for the Facebook decision "to free" their users => Another good reason to escape from Facebook ;) .
You have to give your Usernames and Passwords to access these services, but Netvibes states :"We won't store you login info or contact anyone without your permission.".

Trust them, as you already done to check you emails and other services and you may able to find other friends if they have registred with Netvibes with a "real email".
Yes, because, I must confess that at the beginning I used a fake one and it worked well... so my advice: Change for a good working email account if you want an upgrade with Ginger !

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