Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007


since the big success (I tripled my audience) of my NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Best Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 and with the increasing participation to the Online Netvibes POLL, I have decided to present also the:

NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's POOREST Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 .

At the moment there is only a winner (if we can call him like that) of that sad category.

This Universe was chosen for many reasons:

1) complete useless Universe as everithing shown there (4 widgets), is just personal...

2) awful headerBackground with some kind of green grass...

3) only one original widget: but it is just the ... Raving Rabbids saying : bwaaaaaaaaah

4) but the main reason to choose it, is because of its author: this Universe was made by Tariq KRIM , himself !
Yes, Netvibes CEO and founder shows us this poor Universe !
So, the NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Poorest Netvibes Universes Awards 2007 goes to:

But I am sure, as Tariq is the best asset of Netvibes, that Tariq did his Universe as this on purpose!

Yes, he wanted that all of us could feel proud to be able, one day to build a better, nicer, more usefull Public Universe!

Thanks Tariq!

Now I think too, that I will be able to do something better!

Anyway, if you want to see it, here is a Print screen of the Winner and tell if I am wrong!

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