Netvibes will follow Myspace and Facebook for Content ?

just read on TechCrunch this post from Michael Arrington concerning the quest of Content from the 2 leaders of WEB2.0 Social Networking Sites:

"MySpace continues to roll out local versions of its social network. ...they tend to put a team on the ground locally (they are now hiring in Turkey) and then build the site not only in the local language, but promote local artists and other popular culture as well. MySpace now has offices in London, Paris, Berlin, Madrid, Milan, Stockholm, Helsinki, Oslo, Copenhagen, Sydney, Mexico City, Sao Palo, Buenos Aires, Toronto, Tokyo, and Beijing. Offices will be opening up soon in Mumbai, Moscow, and Istanbul.

Facebook is taking a radically different approach - tapping users to do all the hard work for them. They are picking and choosing markets (Spanish was opened first, two weeks ago; today German and French were launched) and asking just a few users to test out their collaborative translation tool. Once the tool is perfected and enough content has been translated, Facebook will offer users the ability to quickly switch the language on the site, per their preference.

As, I already written more than once, Netvibes will also have to go, fast, for more Content, not only local...

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