How to track visitors on your Netvibes Universe


If you want to know How many Visitors came to to visit your Universe, Where they came from, How long they stayied well you need to use a tracker.

The solution came from a post by jnuk on his AcideWeb a French Blog:

Go to Google Analytics and sign in for the service (you need a Gmail email) . Google Analytics is free to all advertisers, publishers, and site owners and YES with your Universe on Netvibes you are a site owner!

Follow the simple instructions, copy/paste the tracker in the ADD CONTENT/ESSENTIAL WIDEGTES/HTML widget. Google Analytics offers you 2 trackers, I choose the ga.js (do not ask why, I do not know, but it works ;) ).

In the instructions, Google suggested to put the tracker before the CLOSE BODY tag or paste the code segment into the bottom of your content, immediately before the tag of each page you are planning to track.
I put the The HTML model in my first TAB of my Public Universe but I think it could work any where... (to be confirmed).

Wait at least 24h before checking the results...

We need more data from experts on this but it is a start...


Ludovic said...

Do you think first tab is enough ?
Because I tried and I get :

"Le code de suivi Google Analytics n'est pas détecté sur la page d'accueil de votre site Web. Vous (ou votre administrateur Web) devez ajouter le code de suivi à chaque page de votre site Web pour que Google Analytics fonctionne."

from Google website...;
And you, is your code verified ?

Netviber001 said...

Hi Ludovic,

Have you waited at least 24 hours ?
Yes, after 24H, the code is working!

(En français: attends 24H minimum et ça devrait marcher... Moi aussi j'ai eu la même réponse et puis maintenant ça marche... A+)

Jnuk said...

thanks for the link. Could you just modify the redirection on "jnuk" --> the link isn't working in you article.

the code shall be verifyed on Google Analytics (etat: reception de données).

C'est marrant de se parler en anglais entre français. Mais respectons la dimension internationale de ce blog!

Netviber001 said...

@jnuk: thanks and corrected!

@ludovic: any good news ? ;)