Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007: the Day After


Yesterday I published my Poorest Netvibes Universe Award 2007 where the winner was ... TARIQ's UNIVERSE, the Universe created by Netvibes CEO.

And, all the Net (we all can dream) was buzzing about that!

So, a strong reaction was waited !

If it was the Mark Zuckerberg CEO's FACEBOOK that had won a similar award, I could have received something like this:

"Peter 'Coz' Bourde 11:29pm January 6th
I'm an engineer at facebook and I'm writing to ask if you would be willing to take down the link to your Awards. Based on your comment on TechCrunch I suspect you anticipated this would be coming at some point. Even if your intended use of such an Award is noble (as I'm sure it is), the simple script you have posted on your site is (and has always been) against our terms of service. Said more shortly, we just can't let people Award aginst our site outside of the platform; it's a slippery slope.
We'd obviously like to resolve this without disabling your account or getting the lawyers involved if possible, so please let me know as soon as you've taken the Award down so that our legal department doesn't get all fired up about this.
thanks,Peter Bourde Facebook Engineer
(for an original one look here)

So I was a fraid of Tariq Krim reaction ! I checked all night my mails and my Netvibes account. Nothing. All was working... No lawyers, no engineers ...
Netvibes was not like Facebook.

Then, when all was quite: THE REACTION !

TERRIBLE , GIGANTIC ... I was destroyed !!

I screamed: Stop !! Stop !! Do not shoot anymore ! I was hit where it hurts !!


All of that because I had seen TARIQ reaction.

If you go on his Universe you will see it : THE ULTIMATE BOMB !!

Go, see for yourself...



come on ...

You do not see it ?

in green ...

come on ...

Yes, you are right...


14 letters and signs that were changing everithing !!

the change was this message:

(in progress ;) )

I was Checkmate.

It was the end ;)

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