Netvibes to introduce micro-banners widgets ads and text ads.


While everybody is testing the new Ginger release (5.000 invitations in a few hours) and giving definitive opinions in a few minutes;) I was looking at a post from Erick Schonfeld on Techcrunch in which Tariq Krim, CEO and founder of Netvibes, would have express himself over the future of Widgets Monetization, and by that on the future of Netvibes revenues :

"Netvibes is part of OpenSocial and T. Krim’s had Bebo-like discussions with Facebook. “Both consortia would like us to be exclusive on their technology,” he sighs. (Sounds like the platform war is in full swing). Krim says he wants to work with both OpenSocial and Facebook.

Ultimately, T. Krim doesn’t care where you consume his widgets. By the end of the first quarter, he plans on introducing widget ads in the form of micro-banners and text ads.

The problem with widget ads, though, is that there are no standards.
“We need the equivalent of OpenSocial for advertising,” he laments.

If only everyone could agree on how to make money, the widget economy might actually come into existence."

That is interesting and must be confirmed.

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