The NETVIBER EXPERIENCE's Best Public Netvibes Universes Awards 2007


While I'm still waiting for my Ginger Upgrade, I visited the Public Universe of Tariq KRIM, CEO of Netvibes.
This time his Univers was listing its 67 Friends.

So I checked all of them to see what it was all about. As the content published was not at all impressive (a lot of widgets with facebook, twitter, gmail, basic feeds,...) I decided to spot for you what I think is the best of the Public Universes on Netvibes at the end of 2007.
So here are my NETVIBER EXPERIENCE' s Best Public Netvibes Universes AWARDS for 2007:

and finally my preferred page

  • BEST ARTY PAGE/TAB is an all graphic Universe tab/page by LOLITA (sic)

For all of those who were not checked or that have made or seen better tabs and Universes feel free to show them to me. We will have another round of Awards in 2008.


Mikael said...

what about me ?

Netviber001 said...

Hi Mikael,

I have visited your Universe and to be fair here is the category I wanted to put it: Worst Background Layout ! Sorry, but I hate the bluette oblique stripes that your site shows. But because, Taste and colours are very subjective I refrained to publish my comment.
On the other end, I do not understand the need to publish content that is widly available everywhere: Wired, Images search, Techcrunch, WSJ, Les Echos ...
Where is your own input ? WHat do you want to communicate ?
It is the main problem of these Netvibes Universes: what they stand for ? A new Myscape ? a new Facebook ? Well it sound it is a good subject for a new post...
So, Mikael, sans rancune ?

Mikael said...

Hi Netvibes001,

Sorry for my late answer to your comment.

Indeed taste and colours are subjective; I like my bg :)

Your opinion is very interesting but in my opinion, Universe are here to exchange with others on how you use Netvibes.
It's different from myspace and facebook since you create content by putting in the same place what interest you.

But it's up to you to create an universe that attracts people.

"sans rancune aucune"

Netviber001 said...

Hi Mikael,

Happy for "sans rancune aucune" !

For the Universe subject, I still think that Netvibes can offer more than what Myspace and Facebook offer, and, for sure, more than just showing my feeds even if that was the idea at the beginning...

Check this Universe, http://www.netvibes.com/ilovepolitics, that is "interesting" selection of feeds, news, video ...

That is an Universe not just for Fiends... But that is just my opinion...