First Results of the NETVIBES POLL: a Private Universe and a Netvibes Community


the first results of the 2008 NETVIBES POLL (that you can vote here on the right column)
are available and we get among others:

1) 72% would like the possibility to have : Only a Private Group of Friends to access a specific page or Universe

2) 59% would like to be part of a "Wide Netvibes Community" ?

They are interesting as they give more indication of the social twist available with the new Ginger update of Netvibes that we are all waiting. (Have you given your name on the Facebook Netvibes Group ?)

A Private Universe, that could be seen and, why not used, by a small private group and in the same time a bigger, larger Community of users of the same service, focused on Netvibes.

It is not new, per se, but all this is new for Netvibes.

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