My improvements list n°1 for next Ginger Upgrade


as I am testing the new Ginger release from Netvibes I have a short list of requests for Improvements ;):
SUBJECT: Send this Widget/tab

All the widgets and tabs that you have in your page can be sent to someone.

A) You can send widgets:

  1. to "my Universe" from "my private page" and viceversa (the widgets goes on the first tab on the left)
  2. You can send them to friends (by email ) where you can Personalize the Message . You can also use an instant messaging service.
  3. You can share them on your blog (or any other HTML page) (with "Copy the following HTML" code into your blog that will create a +netvibes button that will be used by your visitors to add the widgets in their own Netvibes page)
  4. A forth possibility is in the pipeline ? it should be the * Add to my picks.
But not all the widgts can be sent with first 3 solutions

The TWITTER WIDGET (from add :content/essential widgets) can only be sent to a friend ( by email) or shared on my blog (by html) but not My Universe ! When the Widget is in the My Universe, I have the option send it to my private page! Why ?

B) When you send widgets, usually you are asked if you prefer to send them "preconfigured". That is interesting to send a Search (web, blog, images,...) or a webnote.
But not all widgets offer that possibility.

The IMAGE WIDGET (from: add content/essential widgets) can only be sent by Email or Instant Messaging but it does not come with the image you inserted...

C) I am not able to send an entire TAB preconfigurated to a friend by email.The possibility exists but is not working for me...

Well, for a Private beta is still a very good release and I am sure the Netvibes team must recover from the huge work of the last upgrading ;)

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