Use your Update Status as a internal Netvibes Twitter.


I am testing Ginger and using the Update Status fonction as Netvibes internal Twitter, an instant messaging service.
To do that you click on your Profile and you have an Update your Status function.

First erase the text you wrote before with RESET (this function has been added a few days ago, Thanks netvibes ;), then type a short message max 150. Click Ok. And it is done!
All your friends looking at "FRIENDS ACTIVITY" will read your message!
Yourself you can read it to but on :"MY PUBLIC ACTIVITY".

Tell me what you think about it.
The big advantage is that you do not have to register to Twitter on the other hand you communicate only with your Netvibes Friends but that is Ok, no ?

Now, this service should become a little bit more friendly, perhaps the Window used for showing the Activities sould have an option for showing more vertical space.

And why not to have the possibility to add a small picture?

That Update Status should also get a new Name like: ... Vibes
and then become the Internal Instant Message service that also Ouriel Ohayon from French Techcrunch is waiting for Netvibes.

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