First Interesting Netvibes Universe: I love Politics ! (Netviber Experience rating of 10/10)


I have jus found this Universe, ILovePolitics, finally a Netvibes Universe with real content and real work done to prepare it.

Created by French Marjorie Paillon, is the most complete site about the US Presidency election.

With 21 Tabs and hundreds of feeds, news, videos, humor,data, maps, dates, polls,... from the USA, UK and France, ILovePolitics Universe is the place to go to follow this great event.

That is what I mean when I was writing about content and "Human content aggregation" !

It is with this kind of content, that Netvibes could really become popular. Yes, the vast majority of my friends and all my family do not understand what is an RSS and when they do they are not able to find and get some. But they can read it, if its ready made !

And here Netvibes is the best: you just keep the feeds you like !! You place them as you want ! and slowly you get ideas and you can start searching for something...

That could be "part of the viral" approach that Netvibes needs to explode.

Only small critic: the Headline picture for the Universe i quite big when I watch it from my LapTop...

In conclusion: Netviber Experience Rating: 10/10

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