Netvibes' 3 sources of Revenues by Tariq Krim (CEO)


I was looking and a fresh video intereview of Tariq Krim, CEO of Netvibesfrom Davos (Switzerland) made by Robert SCOBLE for his blog.

The main information is the statement by Tarqi himself of the 3 sources of Revenues for Netvibes after the Ginger update that will be available for all in mid-February:

  1. Branded Pages : Netvibes builds Private pages for other companies.
  2. Advertising Widgets: Netvibes is studying ways to insert micro-advertising in to the widgets.
  3. Netvibes is going to be a "Widget Market Place" and will offer better positioning in their search to "Sponsored Widgets.
Look yourself at the video:

And here a link to GigaOm on the same subject.

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