Netvibes will be down today at 5PM (GMT) for about 4 hours !!


Very important announcement from Netvibes Blog:

"You probably noticed some errors today around 1PM GMT (5AM PST) due to heavy load. We thought that you would love our new Ginger features but we didn't expect such a success!
In order to prevent any additional load problems we'll take this opportunity to bring the site down at
5PM GMT (9AM PST) in order to upgrade the database servers. The expected downtime is about 4 hours which will give us the ability to fix this and prepare the next wave of upgrades and features.
We'll of course let you know as soon as everything is up again.
Thank you very much for you patience and see you all soon on Ginger."

Be careful and save what you need, on the other hand get a copy of data you will need once Netvibes is down! This brings up again the problem of Data Back-up.

In my case I store ideas, links and small data directly on Netvibes :(

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