First impressions of Netvibes' Ginger private beta upgrade (part 1)


I'm playing with the new Netvibes Ginger Private beta upgrade and I must say that it is a real improvement over Ginger.

At this stage I will not comment on the My Universe side as I'am trsting it.

But on the General Netvibes Use here are the first differences I spotted, all positive:

  • add content: is much faster , with thumbnails for the choice prsented by 12-18 at the time !. you clickor you drop and that'isit!
  • rss feeds: you can star them (it will show in your "activity" with its direct link and you can even a public or private note for it. Very usefull for Blogging...
  • rss feeds: as said yesterday, you can now show the Post Date.


  • Search: when looking for content, widgets and feeds you do not need to go in the ecosystem anymore. You have a search box there. I am not fully satisfied with it (see my post on improvements) but there is a big improvement over the last version: as now on the right side of the results you have 4 search boxes (Web, Blog, Images and Video) that are already presetted with your search string !!! Perfect.

to be continued...

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