Will the new Ginger Update follow the 2007 Crunchies Awards?


Tariq Krim, Netvibes' CEO, has relaunched his own Public Universe.

It was just about time as it was awarded the "Poorest Uuniverse Award for 2007"...

The Universe is not, per se, very interesting as nothing is really new. I would like to see a Public version of the TRAVEL TAB of Tariq as is traveling all year around and for sure he must have a good one, no ?

Anyway, all that is just to pass time waiting for the new Ginger Update.

It was promised by Tariq for "Next Thursday" and so we wait for another "next thursday"...

But perhaps, Tariq is waiting for the Ginger Update for the results of the "more prestigious" 2007 CRUNCHIES AWARDS to be awarded this evening in San Francisco at 7.30PM local time?

I would bet on Netvibes, at least on "the Best international start-up" category.

And you, have you thought at what kind of Public Universe you are going to release, when and if Ginger comes for you ?

Let me know as I have prepared new categories for the BEST PUBLIC AWARDS 2008 !

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