2,545,000 monthly visitors for Netvibes in January 2008 according to Comscore stats

In a new post by TECHCRUNCH on the war between the personalized homepages, Netvibes is credited of 2,545,000 Monthly visitors in January 2008 by Comscore.

With 3,3% market share of the Personalized Home Pages sector, Netvibes is the First Independent Home Page and 10 times bigger than the other competitor Pageflakes.
The 3 big My player (Yahoo 56.9%, IGoogle 26.4%, Msn, 10.1%) are well behind but AOL/Netscape (3.3% with 2,705,000) is very near...

The all market is measured at 83,228,000 monthly visitors.

To give an idea, for the same period, Comcast measured Facebook at : 97,792 million unique visitors in December, 2007.

ComScore measured the total Internet Audience just for the USA for Januray 2008 at: 183,239,000 and the Total European Internet audience at: 229,690,000 for end 2007.
So the total for USA+EUROPE is = 412,929,000 monthly unique users.

That means that the market for Home pages is maximum 20% of the total Internet market (as Asia and South America are excluded ;) )

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