In 2 clicks with Netvibes' Ginger I can ...


In 2 clicks with Netvibes' Ginger I can:

  1. Add 16 of the Essential Widgets (from +Add Conent
  2. Check 12-16 Widgets in the Featured Widget Category ( from +Add Conent/Browse categories)
  3. Add a feed if I know it(+Add Conent/add a Feed)
  4. Follow link to original Feed selected by Friends and Star it (make favorite with a comment) (*Activities)
  5. Check my own Public or Private Activities (*Activities)
  6. Follow link to My Friends' own Public Universe (Contacts)
  7. Check who are my Followers (Contacts)
  8. Sarch for new Friends of mine by searching my email contact lists (Contacts)
  9. Search Universes by name (min 3 letters) (Contacts)
For previous posts: with 0 clicks and with 1 click.

To be continued ...

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