The Most Important quality for a Netvibes' User ?

The most important quality for any Netvibes' User, no matter his(or her) age, social group, nationality, sexual orientation, political preferences,... is the ability to READ.

Yes, the pleasure, the necessity, the addiction to READ is the most important quality of any Netvibes user.

Every Universe I have visited is packed with Hundreds of feeds on every subject: WEB, TECH, SPORT, POLITICS, NEWS even GOSSIP and FASHION and DESIGN ....

But it is not an "EASY READING": the Netvibes' User has a lot to read, small text, often just the title of the feed will move him to go deeper. Subject are arranged in Tabs for similar content, but it is so easy to add a feed that feeds are filling tabs and tabs ...

Many speak about Over-Reading and they admit to have selected the Read All button. Because new feeds are always coming in and everyone of them could be "The news" you are waiting or not waiting...

It is also a solitary reading. You have your own feeds, disposed in your preferred way. You choose your own sources. Of course you can Tag, share, send and copy them to friends and family but the order, the choice will not be the same.

I have to go, 145 feeds have come while I was writing this ;)

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