Minor but interesting Changes to Netvibes' Ginger outlook

While the migration continues from omd Coriander release to the new Ginger, Netvibes has just made some minor changes except for the SPONSORED WIDGETS SEARCH RESULTS that I discussed yesterday.

  1. New Add Content with sponsored widgets search results by category
  2. In Add Content: if you search for Widget, there is a new Feed: KEEP TRACK OF THIS SEARCH. looks interesting ...
  3. in Activities: I do not see the nice monthly calendar that was on the right side. It was useful to search for previuos activities (even if the day by day search was quite boring ;))
  4. There is a search activities (that I have not seen before, but who knows perhaps was already there. It is helpful to find an old message or subject but it searches only your own activities private or public. If you want to know what a friend of you did you have to click on his avatar.
  5. New Bottom of page Info about Netvibes (finally is centered ;) )
  6. In general more graphical look

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