Build your own Reader of Feeds with Image: 3***


I wanted to offer to my readers the opportunity to follow my Netvibes Experience Blog with feeds and one Image as I had seen in this Wikio Universe widgets in my selection.

But my feeds are processed by Feedburner and there is not this option (I should check again...). Anyway, I looked on the add content of Netvibes but found nothing.

So I went to WidgetBox.com and I found their "Bildget" service for Blogs. In 2 minutes I built the Widget you can see here.

(Tip: to use it on your Netvibes page, just the Add Content and get the Essential Widget : Html. Then copy/paste the code you get in WidgetBox/Get Widget/Get Widget Code)

It is bigger then the usual Netvibes feed reader as I choosed a larger version to be able to show the first image of any post, but I like it.

You can get The NetEx Blog Widget here for any platform you like or you can see it working on my Universe here and then send it to your own page.

If you know a blog that you like that shows nice images (artistic, advertising, photos,...) and you would like to see an image, that's the way to have it !! You just need the Url.

Look at the Image on the Top to compare the Clean and sober version by Netvibes and on the right my version with image...

Rating: 3***

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