Netvibes to sell search widgets results

In a new Video (in French for the Figaro News Blog), Tariq Krim, Founder and Ceo of Netvibes gives more details about the future sources of revenues for his company.

As I have reported in a previuos post about the 3 main sources of Revenues, Tariq Krim was pointing:

"3. Netvibes is going to be a "Widget Market Place" and will offer better positioning in their search to "Sponsored Widgets."

The news is that the "Search for Widgets" offered by the new Ginger update in the Add Content menu will present in the First 3 positions the Paying Widgets.
That implies also the end of the Ecosystem as we know it now.

I am not opposed at sponsored search results, in principle, but from an "ethical company like Netvibes" I would like to be sure that:

  1. the Sponsored results should be clearly identify as such
  2. that they will be limited to the first 3.
That way, I could always jump at the 4th as I always done untill now ;)

For a more severe comment on the problem of sponsored result searches (à la Yahoo) and on the Search from Netvibes at the moment, read my other post.

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Chris Foley said...

Sponsored search results...sounds like the web circa 1997.