With 1 click in Ginger's Netvibes I can do...


After my previuos post about things I can do with no click at all from my Ginger release Netvibes' Page here the List of Things I can do with just 1 click :

  1. Read any of my Feeds either in my page or in a new window of my browser.
  2. Read any of my Emails in a new window.
  3. Write a message or a note in the widgets like message Board, twitter, webnote, ...
  4. Follow a link in a new window.
  5. Launch a video, a podacst, an mp3 or any other application
  6. Watch an image in real size,...
  7. open any other TAB of my Private Netvibes Page (with a click on the Tab) and then read, check, look at all its content (see previous Post)
  8. check a Selection of 6 Content Widgets done by Netvibes based on my Country selection. (just click +Add Content in the Upper Menu)
  9. Go to my Public Universe, a special page open to all visitors. Also there I will be able to check with no other click the first Tab.(click on O Go to my universe in the Upper menu)
  10. read all my Friends' Activities: what single Feed they each "starred" with a comment, or what they have wrote in their own Status Profile using it as a Instant messaging service. (just click on * Activities in the Upper menu)
  11. check how many Friends and Followers I have and see the avatars of the first 8-12 Friends (click on Contacts in Upper menu)
  12. look at my own Status in Profile
  13. go to the help page with the FAQ from Netvibes.
  14. do a new search in any search widget or search just on all my Netvibes page with all its Tabs ! In this case all Feed, news and Email widgets will be searched and the terms searched will be highlited while the no result wisgets will be collapsed! Impressive and useful.
  15. change the title of m page ;)
to be continued... For posts: with 0 clicks and with 2 clicks.

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