New "Best Universe by NetEx" : my selection of Netvibes Public Universes


After the success of the last BEST UNIVERSES 2007 Awards I decided to share with everyone my preferred Public NetvibesUniverses so here my New tab: "Best Universes by NetEx".

It is just a personnal choice to show other users work, taste, efforts and findings.

I am still looking for good and rich content (not just copy/paste or just feeds) coupled with nice, original design. Everybody is still "under construction" and I am sure we will have interesting discoveries.

I have a Message Board for you to drop me an Universe (yours or one you liked) I will check it... But wait untill you have something solid to show.

At the moment I have 16 Universes selected. I use the Add Content/Essential Widget/ link widget from netvibes that shows a litte thumnail of the site but I think it slows down the page so I might change. Any way, by clicking on the mini widget you will go to the selected Universe.

Thanks Netvibes !


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