In this widespread Valentine mood, I would like to explain why I love Netvibes :

I Love Netvibes because:

  1. Netvibes is a very good service ! Convenient, evolutive, open
  2. The small Team behind it is competent and committed.
  3. The Boss and Founder, Tariq Krim, has experience, charisma and “the vision” for his service and, at the same time, is open minded and fully dedicated.
  4. Experienced Venture Capitalists have invested in the project.
  5. Netvibes, as a service, is evolving day after day.
  6. The Community of Netvibes users is friendly and collaborative.
  7. I have the impression, like many other users and developers, to be able to influence the development of the service
  8. I have not seen better ;)
  9. I am sure we will have a even better service in the future
  10. ...

PS 1: The big upgrade is coming ....

PS 2: If you have a better Logo , please, let me know ;) This one is mine but it sucks ...

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