In just 3 clicks in Netvibes' Ginger I can ...


And now I arrive at the things that Netvibes' Ginger release allows me to do with just 3 clicks. (My previous posts were: things to do with 0 (no) clicks and with just 1 click or in 2 clicks) :

  1. Suscribe to any Feed I was sent to (that means importing in my page the feed widget from that source) if the Suscribe RSS/Atom Feed is on the Page of media or blog...
  2. Add any Widget (feeds, search, images, games...) I like from any Netvibes Universe to my own Universe or private page (send to option)
  3. Email or copy any Widget I like from any Universe (send to option)
  4. Add a Friend for any profile of any Universe I visited with search or any other means
  5. Add a Friend for any Follower of my Universe
  6. Check all the Friends and Followers that any of my own Friends has. And see they are already my Friends (checked in green) otherwise I can add them as Friends
  7. Send a message on the "Netvibes only twitter style instant messaging" with my profile/Update status
  8. Check past Activity day by day (mine and of friends) thanks to a calendar.
  9. Add any widget/content offered by Netvibes in the Add Content also with search (NB: not the 100.000 but only a selection by Netvibes).
  10. ...

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