Themed Public Netvibes Universes: the new way to choose Content


waiting for the General relase of Ginger to all Netviber users and also thinking at the millions of potential "future non-geek user users" for Netvibes I would like to propose a new way to offer Content on Netvibes: Themed Public Universes.

The Search method works only if you know what you want, but we do not always know what we would like. That is why, other people experience is valuable (so, we read others' feed, twitters, friends status,... ) but that way is not an organized way.

But Netvibes' Ginger with the Public Universe is the solution with the "Send to your Private Page/Public Universe" option !

We need a series of Themed Universes : NEWS , FINANCE, FOOD, TRAVEL, SPORT, GAMES, ... by LANGUAGE and by COUNTRY ?
Those Dedicated Universes would be made of "selected" and relieable widgets and news.

The users could visit those Themed Universes and with just one click send all the news, widgets, pics, maps, notes, comments, ideas he has just discovered on its own Netvibes Page.

From the TRAVEL Universe, let's say, I would see and read the best travel widgets aggregated by TABs: Airlines, Tourist Guides, Destinations, Last minutes, ...
Or Imagine the Touristic Brazil Universe: Beaches, Food, Football, Carnival, Music, Unknown Brazil, ...

In an humble way, is what I try to achieve with my Netviber Experience Universe all dedicated to the Netvibes World... ;) but others are going the same way...

Look here, is WZD.com a Netvibes clone that I discovered some time ago, that is proposing 2 Themed Universes: a "Finance Universe" and an "Enterprise Universe": dozens of Tabs with dozens of Widgets selected by subject. BUT NO, I DO NOT READ KOREAN ;)

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