Netvibes Practical Uses: Reputation Management & Dashboard Building


In my search for "Practical Uses" of Netvibes I just found a series of interesting posts about :

1) REPUTATION MANAGEMENT Tracking: is the process of tracking keywords related to staff, products or even service names to see who is talking about you online, as a live service.

Glen Allsopp gives a step by step approach based on Google Reader but you can do the same with Netvibes ;)

DASHBOARD BUILDING: to do your job and seem to stay on top of the blogosphere.

Sam created a mashed up widget dashboard powered by Netvibes, Yahoo Pipes, AideRSS, Dapper, and a few others to allow him "to rewire the web to work for me".

Final suggestion:
using Clearspace as my single collaboration platform, nothing has made me more productive than my dashboard. Now…wouldn’t it be nice to have both my dashboard and Clearspace mashed into one thing.

Dawn Foster from Metablog gives a step by step approach in integrating Netvibes, Pipes, AideRSS, Dapper for an Intelligence dashboard full of practical tips and details:

  • Powering modules with Pipes
  • Leveraging popularity to drive focus
  • Making feeds where none previously existed
I will try all this because I have now too many feeds to track just for Netvibes ...

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