PageOnce with Netvibes could become my Single Social Interface ?


A new service called PageOnce is also in his beta ;)

They say: "Simply select your personal accounts from social networking, email and travel to entertainment, banking, credit cards and much more and add them to your personal page."

You can retrieve information from many banking, social networking, airline, email, and shopping accounts such as Citibank, Facebook, American Airlines, Gmail, and Amazon.

PageOnce takes the information appropriate to each account (once you give it your username and password, of course) and displays it in a Netvibes-like layout.

According to TechCrunch :

"Netvibe’s founder Tariq Krim (asked) whether they planned to provide this functionality, said that Netvibes is already discussing the possibility with several account providers supported by PageOnce."

PageOnce seems to have the leg up since they’ve already proven that they can aggregate this sort of information. But since they rely on their own efforts to expand support for an inexhaustible number of accounts, a more decentralized approach with Netvibes as the focal point and account providers as the widget developers themselves could win out in the long run."

In conclusion, PageOnce with Netvibes or netvibes with PageOnce could really become my long waited Single Social Interface. ;)

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