A better way to leave a short message on my Universe: wEb mEssAges widget


this post is the follow-up of a previous one on the best way to let others leave me a short note on my Public Universe.

My favorite is a Widget called : wEb mEssAgEs and is hosted by WidgetBox.com.

Here is their own description: Web messages to leave on a web site. You can use it as a message board, a mini forum, a sign or guestbook, as a chat, a shoutbox, a tagboard, a mini forum,... It supports typical smilies. You can configure color, timezone and other basic parameters. Note: Only the last 50 messages are shown.

I would add, that links that are in the text open in a separate windows and I like that. You can send it to your own Universe and even your own Private page.

As with all this kind of applications with netvibes, you will be able to read and write on my Widget from any netvibes page you want. But if you need a "different and separate" widget from mine, get one for yourself by just signin in: its free.

No problem to configure colours, size, title but to install it, I had problems to send it to My universe (why ??). So I send it easily on my Netvibes private page (with the special button reserved to Netvibes) and then I went back on my Widgetbox page to get the HTML code that I copied in the Add Content/Essential Widgets/ Html widget from Netvibes.

My message Board it is working fine and you can use it here on MY BEST UNIVERSES selection ...

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