The Average Netvibes user can be described today (before full upgrading to the Netvibes Ginger release with its new social approach) and accordingly to the poor public data available (my own poll) as:

  • Mainly Male (87%)
  • Aged 25-35 (47%)
  • Working or studying in the Internet and/or Technology field (65%)
  • Logining to Netvibes more than once daily (92%)
  • Using Netvibes at Home (95%) and at Work (87%)
  • Looking to be part of a “Wide Netvibes Community” (59%)
  • Have more than 6 Tabs in their page (68%)
  • Using widgets for :
  1. Checking Emails (81%)
  2. Reading Feeds (76%)
  3. Checking Weather (66%)
  4. Writing WebNote (58%)
  5. Checking their Facebook account (53%)
  6. For other uses (52%)

That result is consistent with my experience visiting other users' Public Universes already available: a vast majority of Males users, a lot of WEB 2.0/ TECH tabs, a lot of feeds and blogs of the Universes owners.

At the moment, in what is still a beta testing, quite a large group of users seems coming from France but that is not surprising as Netvibes is based in Paris.

But consider that for the month of January 2008, according to Compete.com, Netvibes had 600.000 unique visitors just for the US market with a total of 4,2 mln visits from unique visitors while competitors Protopage and Pageflakes are at a much lower level.

(To have a global view, Compete.com for the same period gives the following numbers for Myspace.com (67mln visitors with 1,021mln visits) and Facebook.com (31mln visitors with 352 milions visits)).

If Netvibes Team has better and more reliable data, we would be pleased to publish them ;)

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